Monday, December 29, 2008

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Christmas Eve at Papa's and Gramma's house is the night we look forward to all Season long. Its a cozy, memorable night filled with off-key caroling, fattening treats, story-telling, and lots of laughter. I can't imagine spending the evening any other way.

Just waiting for the festivities to begin.

Pajama time!

Garret was so excited about the new PJs and took it upon himself to make sure JT had his on!

JT loves Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney gang.

Once a princess, always a princess.

Attack of the Jedi Knight!

Dallin's favorite color is orange. He informed me he now owns eight orange shirts.

Our four little, um, ....sweeties!

Who needs mistletoe?

When Papa and Gramma started this tradition, I wonder if they ever dreamed they'd be doing it this many years later with their grandchildren, too!

JT and Hewson - the two babies of the family (not for long!)

Todd, Mere, Mike, Talakai, and of course, Josh Jones

Robert, Teri, Annika, Rilyn

Alessia, AJ, Robert

Sofie, Angela, Matt

Danny, Mia, Mallory

JT had a great time singing along to the parts of the songs he knows. "Frosty the Snowman" is his favorite.

Fa La La La La La La La La

Caijsa loved using her newly acquired reading skills to sing a long. She was so cute to watch!

Papa's traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas"

Time for goodies! But wait, where's the chocolate??? Andy, we need you!!!

So this is the part of the night when the mood is supposed to shift. We dim the lights, sing the religous Christmas songs, and the kids settle down. Apparently Garret didn't get the memo.

Alessia and Dallin always take the cutest pictures together.

JT and Sofie were little buds the whole evening.

Its hard to believe these two are the Grandparents!

Caijsa, Annika and Garret

Now that's the Christmas Spirit!

Apparently Dallin and Rilyn didn't get the memo either.

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds..."

Christmas Morning - The Descent

There is nothing like watching the kids' eyes light up with excitement when they experience the magic of Christmas.

Hmmm... I think Santa may be trying to tell us something???

So I'm thinking JT wasn't ready to wake up.

He looked a little dazed and confused for most of the morning. He did get the Lightning McQueen car and a Mater truck he asked Santa for and was excited about them later in the day!

He wasn't too sure about his new baseball glove but I'm sure we'll be playing catch soon!

Now there's a smile... sort of!

Caijsa was full of smiles all morning!

A perfect gift for the little artist

The two things on Caijsa's wish list were a Kitchen and a Nintendo DS. Mom and Dad got her the kitchen and Santa brought her a DS.

Apparently Caijsa couldn't decide which new hair accessory to wear.

Look at the pure joy on Garret's face!

Garret loves Indiana Jones Lego sets. He was so excited to get this one.

This lil guy is lucky he's so dang cute! :)

With a little help from Daddy (ok maybe a lot of help), Garret's new Lego set was assembled and on the shelf with the rest of his collection on Christmas morning.

Dallin's only wish this year was a Star Wars Lego set (or sets!)

Looks like his wish came true!

And so did this one!

I don't think Dallin moved from this spot all morning.

Ta Da! Way to go, Dal, now go do something with that mane, um, I mean hair.

Todd was going crazy wondering what was in that big box with his name on it. When he openened it the first thing he said was, and I quote, "Shauna you are such a good liar!" Hmmm... not sure how to take that. :)

Todd has wanted a "Daddy chair" for a long time so I figured it was time he got one. This one is not as big and comfy- cozy as I wanted but it was a good deal!

Todd says he loves it and by the looks of it he ain't lyin'!

The kids are enjoying it too! Garret and Caijsa love their Nintendo DS game systems Santa brought them.

JT loves his new Geo Trax remote controlled train and plane he got... but I think Todd just may like them a little bit more. :)

This is how I spent my Christmas morning. Two year-olds are so helpful when trying to assemble kids' toys with stupid instructions! It only took me 3 hours to put that freaking kitchen together...

I guess all the hard work wiped this lil guy out!

After the assembling and playing of the various toys was done, we headed over to Papa's and Gramma's for a yummy Christmas dinner. There is NOTHING like Gramma's mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum!!!!

The kid table
JT, Annika, Caijsa, Garret, Rilyn, Dallin, Hewson, Alessia

It was so good to talk to Andy, Becky, Isaac and Lexi via the web cam!


Not sure what kind of face Caijsa is pulling here??? And not sure why those veins are protruding from my greasy forhead!!!

Sweet Kisses

Caijsa was NOT happy that I interrupted her coloring project to take a picture. Annika and Sofie, on the other hand, did not hesitate to stop and pose for the camera. Cute girls!

Mario Kart!!!!

The serious gamers. I was happy playing Boggle!

Papa reading one last story before we headed back home.

Todd got the day after Christmas off from work. I'm sure this is EXACTLY how he wanted to spend his vacation day.

We definitely had a White Christmas! Now GO AWAY snow!

The kids have been playing the Wii pretty much non-stop this Christmas break. The four of them make up one sweeeeeeeeeeet band!

Dallin Drew on the guitar

Garret Grant - lead vocalist

Caijsa Jean on the drums

And Joseph Todd the back up drummer!


taylor & marci black family said...

Wow! Can I have Christmas with you guys next year? I think Santa jipped us! Ha ha. Looks like things were crazy at your house on Christmas morning! So much fun!

Tiffiny said...

What a fun time! I loved seeing the pictures of the whole family. We miss hanging out with you guys!

Nancy said...

I followed the link from your facebook, I hope you don't mind! JT looks so much like Garret it. I kept thinking it was Garret until I realized that he is the same age as Abby. So cute to see your kids.